Rashaan Evans and his family, Auburn natives, suffering attacks from Auburn fans

A few elements of the Auburn Tigers sometimes rabid fan-base has turned on not only Rashaan Evans, but on his entire family in a disproportional and disturbing call to action.

Recent posts on “The Bunker”, an extremely popular Auburn Tiger message board, directs the local Auburn faithful to not serve the family in town restaurants and to make Rashaan and his family as uncomfortable as possible before he graduates Auburn High School this summer. There have been much worse messages posted by crazy fans from schools across the country. This is ugly, but tame.

Additionally, business information regarding the family’s Auburn business as well as the Evans’ home address were released on the same message board. Here is the creepy excerpt:

An actual post from “The Bunker” with the header, “Hmm. Evans Corner Market store sold, being cleaned out”:

“Looks like the Corner Market (full address disclosed) is owned by R&C Enterprises LLC. The property was sold at the 2012 Lee County tax sale for back taxes. On June 30, 2013, the property was redeemed by R&C. R&C has not paid its 2013 taxes of (full amount disclosed). Also, looks like they owe various 2013 personal property taxes for their home (full amount disclosed) and for other property located in Lee County (all outside the City of Auburn). Tax info for Alan & Chenavis Evans and R&C Enterprises LLC all online.

“This is the Evans household (primary residence) (full address of where this family lives disclosed), which is not in the Auburn City Limits, it’s in Lochapoka. All the Evans children attend Auburn City Schools illegally by trying to own property in the city limits but yet not reside there. Bottom line is they don’t live in Auburn. They don’t pay taxes in Auburn and appropriately don’t pay taxes on anything. And if you want to dig a little further go look up the amount of liens on this property at the courthouse. Wow!

“Looks like they are in serious debt and Rashaan did what was best for his family.”

Surely Auburn fans feel some betrayal, losing one of their very own to their biggest rival, even though Rashaan never made a commitment to either school until his final decision to join the Tide on National Signing Day. However, by all accounts from coaches for both Alabama and Auburn, Rashaan Evans and his family are the finest human beings trying to make a difficult but conscientious decision for their son.

For the sake of Evans and his family, this is hopefully just a campaign by a few disenfranchised misguided fans, and not representative of the Auburn populace. Unfortunately for Auburn fans as a whole, these negative behaviors by a few can paint them all with a very ugly brush.

It only takes a bad apple or two to spoil the bunch (see Harvey Updike, Auburn fans).

Rashaan Evans and immediate family target of attacks in Auburn.

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Rashaan Evans, heavily courted by the Auburn Tigers, is now public enemy number one in his hometown of Auburn. (Photo courtesy of Bleacher)

Rashaan Evans, heavily courted by the Auburn Tigers, is now public enemy number one in his hometown of Auburn. (Photo courtesy of Bleacher)

(Source article courtesy of Capstone Report)